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It is my great pleasure to welcome you on behalf of the Anambra State Association, Women in the USA

(ASA Women USA).

ASA Women USA, a 501 (c) (3) organization was organized exclusively for charitable purposes. The specific purposes of the organization are to promote health awareness, education, and empowerment of women and youth in the USA and in Nigeria.

ASA Women, USA is determined to contribute to the transformation of Anambra State into a state with quality healthcare, a free and safe environment, and improved living standards. To achieve these goals, the organization engages in and plans:

1) programs to create a meaningful healthcare delivery system with a focus on breast and cervical cancer awareness among our women in the U.S. and in Anambra State;

2) outreach to orphanages and physically challenged children and youth in Anambra State;

3) assistance to victims of floods and other natural disasters in Anambra State.

Breast cancer is the first leading cause of death, and cervical cancer is the second among the common cancers afflicting women in Nigeria. Maternal mortality remains the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age, especially in rural areas; 32 women die daily. For these reasons, ASA Women, USA has embarked on a rescue mission to educate women about the importance of maternal health, early detection and treatment of breast cancer, and cervical cancer screening and vaccination.

ASA Women USA conducted a medical mission in July 2012. The Maternal Health, Breast and Cervical Cancer Medical Mission was conducted in collaboration with Anambra State Association World (ASA – World), Anambra State Government, Georgetown University Hospital, Division of Breast Surgery, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital (NAUTH), and other organizations in the U.S. and in Nigeria.

For the medical mission, ASA Women, USA recruited volunteer doctors, surgeon and pharmacist in the U.S., and hired several doctors, nurses, pharmacists and pharmacy students, and general assistants in Nigeria.

The medical mission was conducted from June 28 through July 7, 2012. In six days, we visited five towns. Education on cancer and maternal health, free screening, and medical and surgical services were provided to over 4,000 underprivileged individuals. We also provided medicines and vitamins to patients with cancer and chronic illnesses.

All surgical procedures and gynecological services were provided at NAUTH. Ground transportation, air travel in Nigeria, lodging, security and meals were partly provided by ASA Women, USA.

We plan to organize such medical missions at least once a year, depending on the available funds.

Some of the findings during the 2012 mission were that local women died from preventable breast and cervical cancer due to underreporting, lack of appropriate diagnosis, limited access to care, differences in technical manpower, and lack of infrastructure.

During the latest ASA Women, USA National Convention in October 2012, the chairman of the teaching hospital's board proposed that our association should conduct regular medical missions at the hospital, donate medical equipment, partner with companies/institutions that will install, operate and manage

the sophisticated equipment at the teaching hospital or build a fixed asset such as a cancer screening unit.

Based on the above challenges, ASA Women USA plans to give grants towards building fixed assets for a comprehensive cancer treatment center within the Teaching Hospital. The proposed center will provide a full spectrum of cancer care including screening, diagnosis, chemotherapy, surgery, patient follow-

up, and palliative care to all categories of the population, as well as research, education and prevention programs, and training for medical students, professionals, and employees.

We are going to look for partnerships that will collaborate with the Anambra State Government in establishing the comprehensive cancer treatment center, and will contribute to the development and operation of the center through donations and grants.

Generally, the issues of children are of a great importance to all of us but the issues of motherless babies are of even greater importance because these children are in a precarious position not by choice or deed, but as a result of circumstances beyond their control. It is, therefore, imperative that we who

are fortunate should do our best to help as much as we can to support the orphanages in Anambra State.

The post flood recovery program will be conducted through partnerships across the globe for thebenefit of victims of the recent catastrophic floods in Anambra State. The flood affected over 76,000 people in 40 communities. Heavy rains rendered thousands homeless. Schools and hospitals were also damaged. In the aftermath, flood in farmlands may cause food shortage, and inadequate sanitary facilities in the camps for displaced people may result in epidemics. We may provide food, clothes, school supplies, volunteer labor and materials to repair badly damaged homes, instruments and equipment, crop seeds and other assistance that will facilitate the rehabilitation of affected families and communities.

Please be informed that funds donated to ASA Women USA will be used at its discretions for activities furthering the exempt purpose of the organization.

We welcome you to our online platform. Browse through our website to know more about us and our mission on the fight to end maternal mortality; cure breast /cervical cancer, support orphanages and the physically challenged persons in Anambra State.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions, contributions.

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